Beautyei Pro™ #1 Rated Personal Health Device
Beautyei Pro™ #1 Rated Personal Health Device
Beautyei Pro™ #1 Rated Personal Health Device
Beautyei Pro™ #1 Rated Personal Health Device
Beautyei Pro™ #1 Rated Personal Health Device
Beautyei Pro™ #1 Rated Personal Health Device
Beautyei Pro™ #1 Rated Personal Health Device
Beautyei Pro™ #1 Rated Personal Health Device
Beautyei Pro™ #1 Rated Personal Health Device
Beautyei Pro™ #1 Rated Personal Health Device
Beautyei Pro™ #1 Rated Personal Health Device
Beautyei Pro™ #1 Rated Personal Health Device

Beautyei Pro™ #1 Rated Personal Health Device

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his Affordable Heart-Healthy Smartwatch Is Key For Those 50+

Summary: For anyone over 50, it’s all about HEALTH. And the amazing Fitness Beautyei Smartwatch was designed to help detect serious health risks before it’s too late.

Can you imagine how it feels to spend an afternoon in the emergency room with possible heart issues? I recently did, and it was an eye-opener.

I’m 56. Not young, but hardly ”old” (heck, I still listen to heavy metal!) I was mowing my lawn on a Saturday afternoon, and after maybe a half hour, I began feeling dizzy. My heart started beating faster, and I felt very winded.

I was scared… I walked over to the patio set and sat down, trying to catch my breath. That’s where I stayed until my wife came out and asked what was wrong. She immediately took me to the hospital.

At the emergency room the doctor asked me questions, like:

  • Have you ever noticed your heart rate going up and down?
  • Does your blood pressure increase for no reason?
  • Does your heart rate spike without exercise or physical exertion

I felt a little silly, because all I could say to them was “I don’t know”. I just never paid attention to that stuff. Like I said, I’m 56, and while I have a few extra pounds (thanks Budweiser), I consider myself in decent shape.

Anyway, after some tests, I got the “all clear” (it was probably dehydration and the sun), but the doctor did tell me my numbers were not ideal, and I had some heart attack risk. He told me I needed to pay better attention to what my body is telling me.

“Heart attacks often have warning signs, and spotting them early is vital”

Those were his parting words. And trust me, I paid attention.

That’s How I Found The Heart-Healthy Fitness Beautyei  Smartwatch

I couldn’t get the questions the doctor asked out of my mind. I should be on top of my health, and my heart in particular.

I began researching at-home blood pressure and heart rate monitors, envisioning a bulky machine in my bedroom. Imagine my surprise when over and over, I was reading about Fitness Beautyei 

It turns out this smartwatch is a social media sensation, and with good reason: it does all the important things other smartwatches do (like take calls, synch with phones, count steps, etc.), but also has some excellent heart and health monitoring technology.

But the kicker is the price. The fact that you can get this smartwatch for less than $100 is, quite frankly, astounding.

“Knowing what we know about the smartwatch industry after years working for [brand name removed], we were confident we could make something with the same value at a better price. We believe smartwatches can be both high quality and affordable, while giving people the health information they need. Fitness Beautyei  proves it’s possible.”
- Mike Garner, Fitness Beautyei  Engineer

What Are The Health Features?

Let me answer some very important questions about Fitness Beautyei Smartwatch, beginning with the most important: the health features:

  •  Health and Heart Monitoring - blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen and beats per minute (BPM). All in real time!
  •  Sleep monitoring – see how well you are sleeping.
  •  Calorie Monitoring (this is seriously useful).
  •  Count Steps (we love getting our steps in!)
  •  Fitness tracking – record your workouts and compare them.

The secret to Fitness Beautyei is the green laser in the back of the watch. It monitors your vital signs like heart rate, BP, and more. It’s like having a doctor with you 24/7.

I promise you, now that I have Fitness Beautyei in my life (and on my wrist), I will pay close attention to my heart every single day. I want to live a long happy life.

How Does Fitness Stack Up Against Other Smartwatches?

They really nailed it with Fitness Beautyei – compared to super expensive, big-name smartwatches, I’m having a hard time finding things it doesn’t do! Here’s a list of the features you get with a Fitness Beautyei smartwatch.

  •  Large color 1.3” HD display, with awesome icons. It’s super easy to read and understand.
  •  IP6/7 Waterproof (Wear it in the shower or go swimming.)
  •  Scratch and impact resistant
  •  Syncs to both iPhone (IOS) and Android phones.
  •  Answer calls, send messages, etc.
  •  Timer / Alarm.
  •  Social Media Alerts
  •  Reminders (Never miss an appointment or a birthday again)
  •  Phone Finder (call your phone from your watch. Awesome!)
  •  Photo Shoot (Setup your phone, and use your watch to snap the picture.)
  •  Music Control
  •  Super long battery life
  •  Idiot-Proof! Fitness Beautyei  is the easiest-to-use smartwatch I’ve seen.
  •  Oh, and it looks GREAT

There’s also a 30-day money back guarantee: If you’re not happy with the performance of Fitness Beautyei , you can send it back for a full refund from the company, no questions asked.

People Love Fitness Beautyei , And It Already Has Over 36,000 5-Star Reviews

See what others have to say about the quality of the Fitness Beautyei watch.

“I was using an Apple watch for a while. I really liked using it, but when my friend showed me their Fitness Beautyei  watch that does all the same things and was a fraction of the price… I actually felt pretty stupid. Of course I bought the Fitness Beautyei later on, and all the hype is true. It works just like my smartwatch that cost nearly $300.”
- Hunter R. - San Francisco, CA
“I got the watch really fast, in just 4 days. I was immediately surprised at how high quality it felt, like you could really “knock it up” a bit, if you know what I mean. I use it for long runs, and the waterproofing seems to work well. I’m definitely happy with the purchase.”
- Rebecca H. - Philadelphia, PA
“I’m astounded I can have my BP and heart rate at a moment’s notice. Technology is an amazing thing. I wish my grandfather had one of these thirty years ago. He may not have passed away at 65.”
- Chase P. - New York City, New York

How Much Does It Cost?

I mentioned earlier you could get Fitness Beautyei for under $100. And you guessed it – the “under $100 price” is normally $99.99. That’s a great price.

However, right now, the company is conducting an online-only marketing test

This is a once in lifetime deal, and because the discount is so steep, the company said they could only leave it up until the current stock runs out. So make sure you act fast to get the deal (they make great gifts too!)

Plus, the company is so confident in their watches, they even offer a 30-day money back guarantee. You just can’t beat this deal.

The result is that you get a lower, more fair price.

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